Thinko was founded on Halloween of 2016 by Pasquale D’Silva (software designer + animator) & Jacob Bijani (software + hardware engineer).

In the past we made some video games, apps, websites and other fun creations for ourselves and clients. We’ve always enjoyed building technology to serve art.

We left the agency world, and now we’re building a new type of animation studio. Using our experience crafting modern software, we’re building tools to give our artists and collaborators superpowers unlike any other studio.

We’re down to make some new shows, maybe some tv/internet commercials, do live events, music videos, pitch some stuff to the big studios, and whatever else sounds compelling. Animation is a magical medium, and the possibilities are forever expanding.

We’re still working out a number of the pieces, but if you’d like to make something great together, send us an email. Especially interested in talking to you if you’re a creator, producer, an investor, or have a great deal on Acme products.

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